Monday, May 02, 2011

the nights go on forever

“The nights go on forever,”  she said with a rueful little smile that I found enormously endearing.  “It’s the days that are never long enough.”

I nodded, pretending she was giving some hidden wisdom that had somehow escaped my notice.  It hadn’t.  I was a friend…no, not a friend…an acquaintance…I was an acquaintance of shadows and whispers; of cold mornings on chilly sheets, alone in the  dark, languidly pawing at indifferent erections and wondering why the nights…like this long forever night…hadn’t swallowed me at last and set me free once and for all.

‘You’re such a little boy,” she said, just a bit unkindly, as if she knew what I was thinking.  “You lie to me but I don’t care…you have sad brown eyes and hungry brown lips…you’re a beautiful liar and I would lay with you…I would make you moan my name and breathe carnal whispers to the infinite…if you really knew what love was.  But you don’t.”

I wanted to slap her.  But I didn’t…you don’t hit someone for the truth…it’s not proper.  And I always try to be proper.

“You make angels out of cigarette smoke…saviors out of chilled wine bottles…you think navel gazing singers pirate your diaries…and you pride yourself that the head on your shoulders, not the one at the tip of your dick, calls the shots when nothing could be further from the truth…you dream even while you’re ‘awake’, why the hell would you want more daytime?”


She laughed, a brittle, decidedly unkind laugh, and shook her head.  “I love you.”  She looked me in the eyes.  “Or maybe I just think I love you.”  She paused, her cool eyes mocking me.  “Or maybe I don’t love you at all but say it anyway because you want to believe it.”  She paused again.  “Do you understand that?”

I nodded.  Yes.

“Does it make any difference?”

Hot tears welled up in my sad brown eyes.  I shook my head.  No.

She frowned, sadly, and pulled me close.  She kissed my hungry brown lips.  She put my head on her breasts and rocked me slowly.  “Silly little boy,” she cooed, stroking my head and rocking me gently to a song only she could hear.

And the night, of course, went on forever.

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