Tuesday, May 04, 2010

150 Words: She Was Like That (Amanda)

Amanda made me smile and then she blew me a kiss and disappeared in a flash (she was quite agile for a big girl)…I shrugged…she was like that…and chuckled.

Even Amanda didn’t know when her whimsy would bring her back to visit me so I didn’t waste time fretting about it. She would turn up…taking a bath at 3 AM or speaking nothing but French and smoking pungent cigarettes or pouting after a year’s absence because someone else was sharing my bed…and I would give her safe harbor until her wanderlust gave her wing once more.

She made me smile…she was like that…she made me laugh…she made my body sing when she kissed me, when we made love and she sighed my name without it seeming like a tease or a practiced ploy. Amanda always made me smile…and she always left…for days, weeks, months…yeah, she was like that.