Monday, May 02, 2011

150 Words: He Imagines

He imagines himself a hero.  He imagines himself a victim.  He imagines himself a lover consummate tenderness and empathy.  He imagines himself a martyr…sacrificing himself…bravely enduring terrible pain and grinding humiliation…for people who see, too late, how wonderful he is.

He imagines…he dreams and ruminates…because he is forgetting how to live.

His coward’s mouth finds no words when the object of his lust is nearby…his coward’s heart refuses to soar when the wide blue vista beckons…his coward’s spirit flags when it should stalwart enough to take him into another day on the mother world.

He imagines himself a tortured soul.  He imagines himself a misunderstood visionary.  He imagines himself taken in by grace and kept safe by abiding love and passion.  He imagines himself in a state of true happiness that blooms radiantly with no effort on his part. 

He imagines…he fantasizes and daydreams…because he has forgotten how to live.

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