Saturday, June 04, 2005

Blogs of Note: Waking Ambrose

Undaunted by the passage of time and the shifting of social norms, Ambrose Bierce's The Devil's Dictionary remains a wondrous treasure trove for word lovers and for observers of the human condition. Its acerbic wit, biting social commentary, and sly whimsy are...sometimes lost or arcane words and phrases potent, provocative, and illuminating today as they were in Bierce's day (he was born in 1842.)

I hadn't read much of Bierce's work after leaving college (so very many years ago) but, much to my delight, this site re-introduced me to the Dictionary (as the work is in public domain, it is available online but, ever the book lover, I preferred to get a copy from my friendly neighborhood bookseller.)

With Waking Ambrose, Doug Pascover deftly updates entries from the Dictionary (juxtaposing the original Bierce entries alongside clever new offerings on various words) with appealing wit and thought-provoking aplomb. It's a delightful, compelling site that, agree or disagree with individual entries, is consistently worthy of time and attention. I invite you to go there and be be be given food for be outraged (if you must) be enthralled (I know I am.)

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